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Certified Translation Office

Translation Office (Interpreting and Authorized Translation) in all languages ​​in all embassies (authorized translation office at the US Embassy, ​​British Embassy, ​​German Embassy, ​​Embassy of Canada, Russian Embassy, ​​all EU, Latin American and North American Embassies and Asia...
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Interpretation of conferences

Simultaneous interpretation of conferences, meetings and seminars for clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries who require interpretation services. If you would like to hire a team of experts in the management and implementation of interpreting functions for conferences or events,...
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Certified translation of all languages

Certified translation of All languages ​​in all embassies, ministries, agencies, companies, institutions and individuals. Rawnaq Certified Translation provides reliable, documented and recognized translation services locally, regionally and internationally, because we have international accreditation...
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Certified Legal Translation

Rawnaq Certified Translation provides its clients in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and around the world with certified legal translation services, as it has a large base of experienced and competent legal translators with sufficient legal expertise and expertise in their field of specialization and translation...
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Conference interpreting devices

Conference interpreting devices Rawnaq Certified Translation has the latest advanced voice recognition equipment for conferences across the Kingdom with our clients ‘and translators’ testimony, creating an efficient and efficient working environment for interpreting tasks of the highest possible...
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Certified Translation Offices

Translation offices are accredited offices translated by ministries, embassies, bodies, companies and institutions that require reliable and accurate translation services by the General Chamber of Commerce in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and there are international bodies working in the field...
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