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Certified Translation Office

Translation Office (Interpreting and Authorized Translation) in all languages ​​in all embassies (authorized translation office at the US Embassy, ​​British Embassy, ​​German Embassy, ​​Embassy of Canada, Russian Embassy, ​​all EU, Latin American and North American Embassies and Asia Embassies), Ministries Governmental and non-governmental bodies, corporations, institutions and individuals of various nationalities.

Rawnaq Certified Translation is one of the most important translation companies working in the field of interpretation of conferences and translation certified and documented by all government agencies in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and around the world as an accredited translation office.

Rawnaq has received a distinguished list of clients through the organized work from the receipt of projects and the study of them in terms of the implementation mechanism and the professional standards necessary for the quality and full commitment of the project managers and through implementation according to the professional standards and standards in the work system and internationally recognized for exit In terms of quality and time required for implementation, which ensures the continuity and mutual trust between Rawnaq and its customers. (Certified legal translation – certified medical translation – certified technical and economic translation – translation of films and dubbed media – proofreading – translation of websites) and all Areas of certified translation.

As a certified translation firm, we have a reputation for being in the backward community. Our clients only accept the best, and we always strive to achieve their requirements through a clear and expressive policy on the strength of the relationship and interdependence that makes us work together in a parallel line to achieve growth and joint success. To customers through the success of their projects and objectives.

Our goal is to work according to the standards and professional standards through which our services are distinguished and contribute to the effective building of the work system of our customers through our responsibility towards them in providing certified translation services.

Rawnaq for translation approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all parts of the Kingdom.

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