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Certified Legal Translation

Rawnaq Certified Translation provides its clients in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and around the world with certified legal translation services, as it has a large base of experienced and competent legal translators with sufficient legal expertise and expertise in their field of specialization and translation of certified legal translations.

The legal translators at Rawnaq for certified translation are graduates of the faculties of languages ​​and translation in Arab and foreign universities for more than 15 years and more. Since their graduation, they have specialized in legal translation only, making them more familiar with the legal terminology, legislation and laws of each country. .

There is a group of jurists and specialized auditors to rewrite the texts, legal review, revision and language audit in accordance with the laws and laws of the country and target language. Legal translation is important, not easy, because it depends on many and many of the development of clients’ business, investment, infrastructure, projects, contracts, Oh.

Specialized in the translation of all legal documents legal translation in a sound language free from errors and the conformity of legal terms to all ministries, embassies, bodies, companies, institutions and individuals who need a certified legal translation.

Certified legal translations of legal contracts, establishment contracts, local and international agreements, legislation and laws.
Certified legal translations of corporate documents and documents such as commercial records and others.
Certified legal translation of medical reports on cases related to forensics and Shari’a courts.
Certified legal translation of scientific books, guidelines for the use of medicines and health, safety and security instructions.
Certified Legal Translation of various university degrees such as graduation certificate and degree report (BA – MA – PhD).
Certified legal translation of official personal documents such as status card, birth certificates, marriage and family card.
Certified translation of budgets of companies, institutions, marketing plans and government tenders.
Certified legal translation of certificates of experience and patents.
Certified legal translation of commercial agencies, international issues and international arbitration procedures.
Certified legal translation of bank accounts and financial transactions with banks and local and foreign financing entities.
In Ronq for certified translation, we operate according to professional and ethical controls. We have the confidentiality of customer transactions. We have an integrated security system to keep the information confidential and away from reach. This gives us the confidence to sign confidentiality agreements and not disclose the secrets of our customers.

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