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Interpretation of conferences

Simultaneous interpretation of conferences, meetings and seminars for clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries who require interpretation services.

If you would like to hire a team of experts in the management and implementation of interpreting functions for conferences or events, you are in the right place. We have previous experience in regional and international forums as an interpreter for conferences and through our supervisory precedent we confirm that we are not like other service providers Simultaneous translation as our details are managed according to professional standards through communication with customers from the beginning of receiving the call to agree on the provision of interpretation services to the detailed report of the customer’s satisfaction with what we presented before, during and after the end of the conference, That the error or omission ratio must be non-existent, and the success rate of the task 100% and do not accept otherwise based on the development of the best in the field of interpretation.

The client communicates with us to facilitate the interpretation of the conference or the effectiveness of the conference, stressing the importance of the matter, and of course all the tasks related to work in the field of interpretation, both under the item (very important), and then determine the prices required according to the number of interpreters, number of days, The required languages, the agenda of the conference and a brief description of the main topics to be discussed in the conference, and therefore agree on all details, and go to the main hall and its annexes for initial inspection to determine the location of installation of interpretation devices, which take into account The translation rooms should meet the main platform of the speakers and the level of visibility within them is clear so that there are no obstacles for the translators to see the movements, gestures and discussions that accompany the words of the speakers and the audience (body language), which is an integral part in the delivery of information should arrive as the speaker wants Delivery to attend, and all arrangements for interpretation.

We can provide simultaneous translation into eight different languages ​​at once and for more than 2,000 people listening to simultaneous translation.

What distinguishes our interpreters working in the field of simultaneous interpretation and follow-up of conferences and actors to help them provide certified interpretation services:

Translators are constantly tested for quality and accuracy in interpreting tasks.
Possessing the immediate interpreter of language skills through which he can deliver the intended meaning with the utmost precision and quality.
To prepare very carefully for the terms and subjects needed to help him carry out his duties with complete confidence in his abilities and his abilities in interpreting conferences.
The full focus in his duties without any intrusion on any other events happening around him.
All information that we obtain as a team is classified as “highly confidential” in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the confidentiality of customer transactions.
To improve in dealing with everyone, and to be as important as the event and its importance by maintaining the appearance and elegance and accuracy of all the personal and professional details necessary for the interpretation.
The total distance from any external influences and neutral transport from the source language of the target language.
Continuous access to increasing the cultural knowledge (the translator’s linguistic culture) so that he can interpret very carefully, having experiences about the culture of the recipient and the culture of the speakers and using it for the most appropriate terms and sentences during the interpretation.
Flexibility and interpersonal skills. In direct contact between the interpreter and some of the audience, whether to discourage his translation or discussion, he should show the proper image that truly reflects a respected work team in Rawnaq for accredited translation.
Direct interaction between the interpreter shall be through the supervisor responsible for the interpretation of the translation by the approved translation, as well as any comments or arrangements or instructions by the organizer will be communicating with the supervisor also without communicating with interpreters only in some cases that require the participation of guidance and communication between In order to be fully focused on the interpreter in the implementation of his mission and the quality and accuracy of interpretation.
We also have the experience of translating conferences, training courses, and translation of books, while not accepting the possibility of errors. This leads us to take the utmost care and interest in selecting translators and translators and provide them with a great deal of training. What you want from the idea or concept will reach the minds of others as you want completely and completely and the conversations of others will reach your mind without a decrease.

Why is “Fluent Translation” a pioneer in interpreting?
1- Rawnaq for Accredited Translation selects its immediate translators with high accuracy and keenness according to the subject of translation.
2. The translators of “Rawnaq for Certified Translation” are distinguished by the fact that they have practiced this art for many years in many conferences.
3- “Rawnaq” is always keen on using the best sound and technical equipment in the world
4. The audio devices provided by Rawnaq are small in size and contain two types of speakers, one of which can be chosen.
5. During the interpreting period, “Fluent Translation” will provide a trained technical support team to deal with any problem, and to answer any queries about the use of conference speakers and audio devices. .
6. “Rawnaq for Accredited Translation” provides interpretation services in six international languages ​​at the same time, for 500 participants at the same time, and even more, but provided early coordination, with the possibility of selecting the appropriate language

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