First: Privacy

The History of the Mane.
Any party that receives data or information from the other party that is treated as such is “very important and confidential” – and shall only be used for the purposes set forth in this Agreement (the Bank of Inventions, Ideas and Projects) – not authorized to be traded outside the limits of the parties to this Agreement or other purposes Consultants of Informational Technology & Informational Technology Co., Ltd. As well as all administrative, planning and future aspects of the expansion and additions – as well as suppliers and customers, including the aspects of training or transfer of technology or any new ideas or publications or research or designs or drawings engineering or consulting or statistical – and all related to the privacy of direct and indirect.
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In the case of one of the exits of this Agreement, he shall not be entitled to disclose material secrets from data or information before obtaining the prior permission of all other parties.
The outbound is obliged to hand over the documents or data of all types and forms to the other parties before leaving him himself to hand over custody and discharge.