Simulataneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation is a key factor in the success of international conferences and business meetings, which makes us adopt maximum levels of care and attention in Simultaneous Interpreters selection. Accordingly, “Rawnaq” has built up a professional and renowned team of simultaneous Interpreters, capable of giving our clients an undoubted trust that their message will be fully understood by the recipients, and vice versa.

– Why is “Rawnaq” considered a pioneer in simultaneous Interpretation filed?

  • “Rawnaq” selects its simultaneous interpreters accurately and strictly according to the translation specialty.
  • “Rawnaq” unique translators are distinguished by practicing such an art for many years in many conferences.
  • “Rawnaq” is keen on using the best audio and technical devices all over the world.
  • Hearing devices provided by “Rawnaq” are small sized and contain two types of earpieces that the listener may opt to choose one of them.
  • “Rawnaq” provides during the Simulataneous Interpretation events a fully trained technical support team to deal professionally with any emergencies that may arise, and to answer any questions about using the earpieces and the voice devices.
  • “Rawnaq” provides Simultaneous Interpretation services in six global languages to five hundred listeners at the same time, even to more than one language at the same time, provided early coordination, with the ability to choose the desired language via the audio device.

Types of Simultaneous Interpretation:

– Direct Simulataneous Interpretation.

– Consecutive Interpretation.

– Phone Interpretation.

– Sign Interpretation (Deaf Interpreters).

– Legal and Court Simultaneous Interpretation.