Certified Written Translation services

“Rawnaq” Provides Government certified professional written translation services, and in compliance with the international standards. Translation procedures followed in “Rawnaq” involve many steps, among which are editing and proofreading of texts by experts in written translation, to ensure that clients receive an error free text, expressing accurately and professionally the original one.

Why is “Rawnaq” considered a leading company in written translation?

  • We are committed to customary rules of written translation, and adopt globally approved quality criteria.
  • “Rawnaq” selects translators and proofreaders according to the specialty field of translation.
  • The written translation procedures involve several steps, among which are editing and proofreading. Ensuring that the target language is either the translator’s mother tongue language, or the editor’
  • After translating and proofreading of the text, The text is sent to the DTP department, for choosing the suitable printing fonts, and for inserting photos and drawings in place. Thus, “Rawnaq’s” client receives an identical translation of the original file.
  • “Rawnaq” respects the agreed upon deadlines with the client and abides by which.

Types of Written Translation:

1.Documents Translation:

Official documents translation requires strict compliance with special systems and conditions to produce an acceptable translation for the official authorities. Therefore, We make sure to provide expert translators on such systems and conditions, making our clients assured of the compatibility of “Rawnaq” translations with the official authorities requirements.

2.Commercial Translation:

We are fully aware that all ambitious and well-established businesses will not accept any linguistic nor typographical errors in neither their commercial correspondences with their clients nor with the governmental authorities. Therefore, “Rawnaq” saved no effort on hiring translators who are well versed of the nature of the business, and of the meanings of the special commercial terms, reassuring our clients that their translated commercial correspondences by Rawnaq, were formulated in accordance with the commercial protocols, and convey the same original content details.

 3.Financial and Accounting Translation:

At “Rawnaq”, we are keen on hiring a translation team characterized by experience in the accounting and financial domain, and those who are to great extent aware of the accounting principles. Having translated many financial documents and reports over the years,  Enabling them to handle the most complicated financial reports, and translate them in the most accurate manner.

4.Technical Translation and Localization:

“Rawnaq” translators, being specialized in technical field, have a wide knowledge of technical terminology, along with their extended experience in this type of translations, making us worthy of our clients’ trust, especially in the translation of the operation manuals, electronic and technical systems, products specifications, installation instructions, etc.

5.Literary Translation:

 literature translation is deemed very difficult. Therefore, “Rawnaq” makes sure to select translators who are able to preserve the unique style of the author, and the way his phrases flow. In addition to the essence of his literary text that he/she would like to convey to his/HER readers.

6.Medical Translation:
We, in “Rawnaq”, fully realize that medical translation requires a wide knowledge of the medical terms of the human body organs, as well as knowledge of diseases’ medical names. Therefore,  “Rawnaq” approves a translator as a medical specialized translator, handling texts, containing medical information, only after undertaking an accurate linguistic and specialized examinations.

7.Legal Translation:

In this type of translation, “Rawnaq” ensures that its translators abide by the four rules of legal translation and its techniques. As the need for those four rules of translation becomes crystal clear, when translating languages representing two different legal systems. “Rawnaq” will only approve legal translators who are fully aware of both legal systems related to both languages , and requires them at all time to only use the accurate equivalent of a any legal term, which in turn leading to understand the same meaning in the target language, in their translation.