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Conference interpreting devices

Conference interpreting devices

Rawnaq Certified Translation has the latest advanced voice recognition equipment for conferences across the Kingdom with our clients ‘and translators’ testimony, creating an efficient and efficient working environment for interpreting tasks of the highest possible quality.

The advantages of the interpreting devices at Roanq for certified translation:

American sound devices manufactured by William Sound International America.
The wireless system operates in a system that exceeds 500 meters without barriers, in accordance with the largest halls in the most famous hotels in the Kingdom, as well as the open exhibition areas that are not covered.
The purity of the sound from the source resulting in purity in the sound of the wireless speakers that transmit the voice of the interpreter to attend.
The translation rooms are French-made, and have excellent appearance and size to suit the size, value and place of the event at the quality and overall level of the conference or the effectiveness.

– Roanq Certified Translation is always keen to use the best voice and technical equipment in the field of interpreting conferences worldwide.

– The listening devices provided by “Roanq for certified translation” are small in size and contain two types of speakers, one of which can be chosen.
– During the interpretation period, “Fluent Translation” provides a trained technical support team to deal with any problem, and to answer any queries about the use of headphones and audio devices.
– Roanq for Accredited Translation provides simultaneous interpretation services in eight international languages ​​at the same time, for 500 guests at the same time, but for more, but provided early coordination, with the possibility of selecting the appropriate language for the listener through the audio device.

We cover many important events and conferences annually, such as the Saudi Marketing Conference, ArabNet Riyadh, and other conferences of the Saudi Ministry of Aviation and Transport, and the international federations which are in need of interpretation services.
We have a precedent based on our expertise and distinguished services and the honorable representation of the organization in front of all those involved in this or that activity.
We have highly experienced translators in the field of interpreting from the fact that they are covered by summaries, conferences and very important events, with the best translation possible. They are the best Arab by virtue of their great experience in interpreting conferences.
Our interpretation rooms are completely soundproofed, which helps the translator to perform his work in a suitable work environment and with the testimony of the translators themselves, as well as the quality of the translation rooms and their general look.
Easy-to-use, easy to use, easy to use speakerphone speakers, in addition to its distinctive format and the latest in wireless interpretation equipment.

We are pleased to be one of the largest providers of interpretation services for conferences, meetings, events and training courses for the most important events related to our services with the best interpretation devices as modern and completely soundproofed translation rooms, creating a working environment for interpreters and resolving any audio and visual impediments that may impede the work of the interpreter. Ensures high quality for our customers both inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

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